That’s right, a cookie. When you think about it, cookies have always inspired and encouraged us to spread goodness. As a kid, you did good and you got a cookie for it. (Go, mini you!) Fail to listen, on the other hand, and you found yourself in a sad, cookie-less world. (Sorry, mini you.) Well, not much has changed. We still reward ourselves with a cookie when things are good. But this time, we can reach the cookie jar … and can use the power of the cookie to help us feel better when things are … well, crumby. (Pun intended.) 

That’s why we’re bringing you Karma Cookies – great tasting and great for your soul, too. They’re ooey gooey, soft and chewy circles of pure bliss, created with purpose: send sweet vibes into the universe. Karma Cookies put out the energy that we all want to attract, with decadence that inspires us to bring on the goodness and power to fight back against bad vibes. We’re changing the karma on this planet one round cookie at a time because what goes around, comes around … and in this case, it’s blissfully delicious.



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